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The Elephant: Some lesser known facts


Elephant, the biggest land animal, is fairly known to all. However, there are a few things which are not commonly known.

Did you know that the blunt looking trunk of the elephant is very sensitive? The trunk alone comprises of more than forty thousand muscles. The elephant can pick up even a thread from a smooth floor with the tip of its trunk. While crossing deep rivers the elephant uses the trunk like a snorkel.

The elephant’s eye-sight is poor, but it has got very keen hearing and smelling sense.

This giant animal makes a deep rumbling sound in its throat, which we cannot hear. However the members of the herd can hear it even at a long distance. Generally a herd of elephants lays claim over a territory of around 770 kilometres or more. In one day the elephants can cover long distances.

The thickness of the elephant’s skin varies according to the parts of the body. On its head and the back the skin is more thick.

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  1. The elephant is such a fascinating animal!

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