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A small attempt to gather unusual and amazing facts about elements of Nature.


Doctor Of The Deep Ocean

All living creatures suffer from ill-health at one point or the other. The small and big fishes of the deep ocean are often affected with parasitic infections. At such times, a tiny fish helps them in keeping these infections in check. This is a type of cleaner fish called Wrasse. Continue reading


Creative Crabs II

Pom Pom Crabs

These crabs are also called as the Boxer crabs or the Cheer leaders of the deep sea. The reason behind these names are the sea-anemones that these crabs carry in each of their claws, making them look like the cheer leaders with pom poms in their claws. Continue reading


The Intelligent Chameleon Of The Sea

Also, the marine creature with a beak!

Well, can anyone guess who that could be? It is the awkwardly shaped, tentacles spreading Octopus. Everyone knows about the basic structure of an octopus – it has a balloon like body with no rigid skeleton and eight long arms / tentacles which have many sucker disks.

Image result for octopus

However, there are many more amazing facts about this aquatic creature other than its odd- shaped body.

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